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Truck Tool Box Installation In Orlando And Tampa Areas

Most trucks don’t come off the lot with all the storage solutions you need to run your business. Thinking about installing a tool box on your work truck? Look no further. Extreme Truck and Van Equipment carries and installs high quality UWS tool boxes that fit trucks of every make and model. 


UWS Tool Boxes have a wide variety of features, making them some of the best truck tool boxes on the market. Features include:

Rigid Core Lid

The UWS tool box lid is built for maximum strength and security with patented Rigid Core technology. These lids are filled with solid foam which maximizes structural integrity, while not sacrificing rear cab window view. 

Extra-Thick Aluminum

The UWS tool box for work trucks is constructed with some of the thickest aluminum on the market. 


Stainless Steel Handles

Stainless steel tool box handles are long-lasting and provide the best security. The UWS tool box handles are wide and easy to access on each side, allowing for access from either side of your truck. 


UWS has been manufacturing truck tool boxes in the United States since 1963. UWS is made for hard-working people who know how to get their hands dirty. UWS offers professional-grade cargo accessories without sacrificing security. 


Benefits of adding a tool box to your work truck:

  • Organization: perhaps the most important and obvious feature of a tool box. It helps you organize your tools, making everything easier to find. 
  • Appearance: appearance can mean a lot more than one would think. Don’t give your customers the wrong first impression.
  • Security: Tools are not cheap. A solid tool box will protect your tools from potential theft.


Some common varieties of tool boxes include:

  • Top-Mounted: mounted behind the cab and has multiple storage compartments. 
  • Side-Mounted: designed in many different sizes, can be custom-designed for the size of your truck bed. 
  • Crossbed: more-or-less one-size-fits-all. Crossbed tool boxes rest on the sides of the truck bed, like a bridge. 
  • Hitch Mounts: lock onto the trailer hitch on the back or your truck; they take up no extra room. 


Skip the headache of the install process and let us do it for you. All of our products are in stock in the Orlando and Tampa areas, allowing for same-day installation. Get back on the road and get the job done!

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