Headache Racks

Headache Rack Installation In Orlando And Tampa Areas

At Extreme Truck and Van Equipment we offer headache racks from Aries Automotive and Kargo Master 

The Aries headache rack is built using heavy-duty carbon steel tubing that will protect the cab of your truck and, if compatible, with truck tool boxes. Aries headache racks feature a sleek design and are painted with a high-gloss powder coated finish. 

Your safety is our top concern. Headache racks help prevent damage to your truck’s rear window and cab that can result from flying objects and shifting cargo if you need to brake quickly. The install is simple with minimal to no drilling required. A work truck is a big investment and so are the tools and equipment you carry.

Headache racks not only add extra protection, but they also give your truck an aggressive, customized look.

Thinking about adding lighting or other accessories to your truck? A headache rack makes mounting things extremely simple.

Another added bonus of outfitting your truck with a headache rack is that it helps keep the sun off of the inside of your cab. Despite the hot Florida sun, this can keep the inside exponentially cooler. You can also customize your headache rack to have lights for use at night.

 There are so many types of headache racks to choose from and they can serve different purposes. Don’t hesitate to ask questions! We’ve got all the answers for you at Extreme Truck and Van Equipment, and are all ears. All of our products are in stock and can be installed the same day to get you back on the road in no time.

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