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Hitch And Winch Installation In Orlando And Tampa Areas

A winch is a great tool to have on your work truck. It provides you with recovery support to help you get vehicles out of sand and rocks if and when they become stuck. A winch has a wire rope or a synthetic line that is on a spool latched to a mount on the front of your work truck.

There are many moving parts of a winch, including:

  • Motor: all of the power comes from the motor for the winch. Motors can either be electric or they can draw power from your truck’s battery. A motor can also be hydraulic, which means it draws power from your power-steering system. 
  • Gear Train: the gear train is the center of the winch; think of it as like a transmission. The gear train takes power from your truck’s motor and sends it to the drum. 
  • Drum: the winch motor turns the drum, and the drum controls the cable moving in and out. 
  • Cable: the cable does the actual pulling.
  • Fairlead: the fairlead is the cable’s passage out of the winch. 
  • Braking System: when the motor stops running, the braking system stops the drum from spinning.
  • Control Box: the control box determines which direction the winch is going (forwards or backwards).
  • Remote Control: the remote control lets you operate the winch from a safe distance. 


Trailer hitches are extremely common in the craftsmen world for obvious reasons. Most heavy duty work trucks come with a standard hitch, but is it the right hitch for the job you do? There are a number of different types of hitches, which means there is definitely one that will make the job you do easier. 

  • Rear Receiver Hitch: this is the most common type of hitch. This type of hitch has many uses, but its main use is to tow trailers.
  • Front Mount Hitch: this type of hitch is very similar to the rear hitch because of the way it bolts to your truck frame. Front mount hitches can be used to insert a winch, mount a tire, or park trailers into tight spaces.
  • Bumper Hitch: this is perhaps the most simple hitch, as it attaches directly to the bumper of your truck and has a wide variety of uses. The drawback here is that it cannot carry much weight. 

We are a proud authorized dealer of Curt Hitches. Curt Hitches is the FIRST name in towing products. All Curt products are USA-made and custom-fit to your vehicle. 

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