Service truck Bodies

Truck Service Body Installation In Orlando And Tampa Areas

DuraMag Service Bodies by F3 MFG

  • DuraMag is the strongest and most durable Truck Service Body in the industry
  • Comprised of lightweight recycled aluminum, so no rust and up to half the weight of steel
  • Increased cargo payload – your work truck’s weight (and fuel) isn’t consumed by adding more steel to the body
  • Ability to save 10% in fuel costs
  • Potential to outlast your work truck and often moved to a new vehicle
  • Fully welded components so no screws to loosen or repair
  • Storage compartment options including premium roll-up doors or traditional swing doors, shelving and compartment dividers
  • High quality, long lasting finish created by first sandblasting then powder coating


DuraMag Service Bodies are designed for continuous hard work and are manufactured with full length, heavy duty long sills. DuraMag’s understructure is what separates this body from the competition. All of DuraMag’s service bodies are fully welded in construction, so no screws or rivets to lose or loosen. Our proprietary creation of door extrusions, paired with compression latches and auto bulb seals, have produced the best watertight compartments available. Even the black polymer door latches are rivet-less for additional protection. All vertical storage compartments have nitrogen struts to maximize performance during the colder months.

Even though there are faster methods to prep aluminum for paint, DuraMag sandblasts the surface area first. This procedure creates the prime surface needed for a tight bond with the powder coating finish. Any and all DuraMag Service Body lights are factory wired and installed.

The DuraMag S-Series is comprised of recycled aluminum with Extruded Box Tube. Tailgate equipped with a heavy slam latch and  stainless steel lock rods.  This series features traditional swing doors, and have nitrogen props in order to work well in cold weather. The S-Series has an interlocking extruded aluminum floor, providing grip for slip-resistance. The door handles are rivetless and made of black polymer. No rivets, no screws, no bolts – only fully welded construction. Even the fender flares are welded for strength and durability! 

R-Series Service Bodies – Premium Roll-Up Doors

Just like the DuraMag S-Series, the R-Series differs only by having roll-up/shutter style doors. These roll-up doors are of premium, anodized aluminum and are commonly seen on fire trucks. Roll-up doors create an easier and safer work space by eradicating the need to walk around or open and shut compartment doors constantly just to have access to your work tools! A key fob lock system is also available as an option!

Canopy Series Truck Service Body

The DuraMag Canopy Series features a full-width, fully enclosed service body. Available in three different lengths;

  • 53” (51” Interior Clearance)
  • 63” (61” Interior Clearance)
  • 74” (72” Interior Clearance)

If it rains a lot in your area, the option to work inside your Canopy Service Body is possible with clearance heights up to six feet. The rear has barn doors with tie backs. The dome light is LED and has a switch for added convenience.

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