Steel FLatbeds

Steel Flatbed Installation For Pickup Trucks In Orlando And Tampa Areas

Bedrock Granite Series Flatbed

  • Available in four lengths: 7′, 8’6″, 9’4″, and 11’4″
  • Diamond-plated steel decks and trim with smooth skirting
  • Finished in Bedrock’s proprietory, industry-leading, polyester powder-coating
  • Built-in towing options; Standard Tow Hitch holds 15,000 pounds and Gooseneck tow hitch at 26,000 pounds
  • Built-in weatherproof toolboxes with stainless steel latches and locks
  • Available for single rear wheel trucks and dual rear wheel trucks


Gooseneck and Standard Hitches

Standard hitches by Bedrock can haul 15,000 pounds of cargo while the Gooseneck hitch by Bedrock can tow 26,000 pounds. Both are built standard with a 2 5/16″ ball welded to the bed of the truck.

Versatile Towing Options

The standard Bedrock industry-leading receiver hitch with a tow capacity of 15,000 pounds is welded to the frame and enclosed for workplace safety. If you prefer a gooseneck hitch, a standard 2 5/16″ ball is welded into the bed and includes an adjustable lid to easily enclose the standard ball, increasing deck space and safety measures.

Organization with Security

The Granite Series Flatbed Tool Boxes are of weatherproof, steel construction and include stainless steel locks and latches.

Rugged Construction

Bedrock Flatbeds are comprised of steel and finished with Bedrock’s own, industry-leading polyester powder coating. Truck flatbeds are diamond-plated and skirting is smooth, creating a streamlined finish.

Headache Racks

Bedrock Granite Series Headache racks are available in rounder or hauler styles and were designed for you and your work truck. Optimal rear visibility and protection are provided with this adjustable headache rack, which will fit all major truck brands and models. Equipped with a cargo light cutout.

LED Flatbed Lighting

Bedrock prefers the longevity and increased visibility LED lights offer, and the back-up lights double duty as working lights. Bedrock’s design is DOT approved and what we like to recommended to our customers.

Flatbed Wiring

Whether you need 4-way or 7-way trailer wiring, the Bedrock Steel Flatbed is pre-wired with sealed wiring harnesses which protects from moisture and prevents damage. These Wiring kits are recessed next to your truck’s license plate.

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